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on the English website of the  Association Sentinelles de la Paix – Une pierre posée n’est pas jetée (Sentinels of Peace Association – A stone laid in not thrown) which, thanks to you, is getting enriched every day. Do not hesitate to share it to spread these photos and images of peace all around you!

Our history

The « Sentinels of Peace » Association was born from Alain Mila’s Land Art approach when, in Israel and Palestine, during 2004, he proposed to young people to lay stones instead of throwing them. And, at the base of the balanced stone columns, the young people wrote the word « Peace » in Arabic, Hebrew and English. His observation at the time: this simple gesture made it possible to federate usually opposing energies, art could become a universal mediation to bring people together instead of separating them.

This action led Alain Mila to the creation of the Association in 2013 with the aim of bringing together people wishing to express their desire for a world of Peace through various individual and collective projects that you can discover by browsing our site. Since then, our Association has also been committed to the theme of environmental protection and, since 2017, in collaboration with the French Association of Municipalities, Departments and Regions for Peace (AFCDRP), the French branch of « Mayors For Peace », in the necessary « fight » for the abolition of nuclear weapons and sustainable world peace.

Sentinels of Peace in memeory of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Why Sentinels?

To ...

  • mark the world with a symbol of peace,
  • punctuate our paths with drops of poetry,
  • become aware of the fragility of the balance,
  • and through this fragile balance find the essential,
  • beyond the « I », building a « We »,
  • to move towards a World of peace with respect for others and the environment,
  • to ensure that, through the expression of the dignity of the human being, our lives and actions justify the beauty of the world.