On Tuesday 27th February 2019, we met Mr Soriano, mayor of the municipality of Lasséran, in the Gers, accompanied by 2 municipal councilors.

Mr Soriano first of all presented us the actions of the municipality of Lasséran, members of the AFCDRP, and in particular an operation that they organise every year on November 11th. We then presented the project and reported on the various meetings with Mr Michel Cibot and the representatives of the cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. In the course of the exchanges, points of convergence emerged. A joint action could be envisaged in November 2019 and will be the subject of future meetings in order to refine the project to be implemented.

On the same day, we met members of the association which manages the associative bookstore of Sarrant in the Gers (indicated by Mr Soriano the same morning) to whom we presented our project and discussed a possible collaboration in the form of a presentation of works on the theme of peace and the abolition of nuclear weapons during an animation. To be continued ….