Sentinels of Peace at the Sarlac district on 29 June 2019. As a continuation of our intervention at the horticultural school, the municipality of Moissac invited us to participate in a day of action on the theme of « Living Together » in the Sarlac district. On this occasion, we organised an operation « Sentinels of Peace » with a presentation of the approach by the members of the association and those who wished to do so could raise the stones.

We welcomed on our stand the director of the cabinet of the Prefect of Tarn-et-Garonne to whom we were able to present our association and our project with the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A very nice buffet organised by the residents and an exhibition of personalities working or having worked for peace.

As a continuation of this day, Jacques Tribalat of the association « Moissac Métiers d’Art et Création » has given us the following short text:

Since I installed the totem pole and pebbles on the lawn of the Espace de la TOUR DES MOINES, teenagers or adults who frequent the square are attracted by a white-haired man trying to balance a few stones. The contact becomes instantaneous. Yesterday a man accompanied by his wife is laying three stones. He gets up and tells me: « I have seen my life ». Today they are two young people one after the other. They have got caught up in the game. They have raised 5 or 6 sentinels using all the stones available. Decorating with a net of small stones snaking between the sentries. But the most important thing is the symbolic, meditative character that is revealed by the action of placing these stones one on top of the other. So much so that I myself have blackened several pages (*) evoking all the symbols and links with peace. An immediate dialogue begins.

(*) Jacques Tribalat’s text can be accessed through   this link or in the « Your writings » page.