Tribute to Paul Quilès

On 29 September, at the initiative of Catherine Manuel, the inhabitants of Cordes sur Ciel gathered in front of the monument to Peace, Place de la Bride in Cordes, to pay tribute to Paul Quilès, mayor of this commune in the Tarn region from 1995 to 2020, but also a tireless campaigner for the abolition of nuclear weapons within the IDN Association.

We wanted to take part in this small ceremony because we have never forgotten our meeting with Mr Paul Quilès at the very beginning of our association’s project in memory of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was on the occasion of the screening of the film « La bombe et nous » in Albi.

During the debate that followed, we were able to discover a man of conviction, of great sincerity and of a very strong commitment to the fight for the abolition of nuclear weapons. We have not met him since, but we regularly follow his blog and all the articles he has written on this fight. We will not forget either that it was he who allowed us to meet Michel Cibot of the AFCDRP with whom we worked on the project of our association.
Through his books and writings, Mr Paul Quilès will remain in our memories and it is up to all of us, with our means, to ensure that his struggle continues.