The Sentinels of Peace in Hautecour (Savoie – France)

The association Lez’Arts en Adrets is at the origin of the « art trail » project in Hautecour. Each year, artists create more or less ephemeral works on a given theme.

This year, the project of Alain Mila, « land art » artist and president of the Association les Sentinelles de la Paix (Sentinels of Peace Association) was selected.

It is a project for a permanent garden of sentinels of peace which, beyond its artistic dimension, wishes to deliver a message calling for peace. Building sentinels means marking the world with a symbol of peace. This concept of a permanent garden of sentinels of peace is at the heart of our association’s educational approach. A permanent garden located on a hiking trail, as in the commune of Lasseran in the Gers, or on an artistic trail, as is the case in Hautecour, allows us to deliver a message of appeal for peace throughout the year and not only on the occasion of a particular event.

This year, activities on the art trail were organised all day on 6 August 2022. This date is meaningful because we recall that exactly 77 years ago, on 6 August 1945, the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, followed three days later by the bomb on Nagasaki. For years, our association has wanted, through its actions, not only to launch an appeal for peace but also to call for the total and definitive abolition of nuclear weapons in the world, because this is the worst threat to humanity.

The people present on the art trail this year were very aware of the message we wanted to convey with the association Lez’Arts en Adrets and the participants, adults and children, have made sentinels of seace on the permanent garden as you can see on the pictures.

Finally, you will find attached the message of the president of the Association Lez’Arts en Adrets and the declaration of our association.