Sentinels space in Didier Perthuison’s artistic garden (Livers Cazelles – Tarn)

On 20 October, we created a « Sentinels of Peace » space in the artistic garden of Didier Perthuison, an artist committed to social and environmental themes.
In this garden there are many works dealing with overconsumption, pollution, abuse, women’s rights, war and peace…
This Sentinels space is located in a part of the garden where there is another version of the painting donated to the city of Hiroshima and a painting representing some of the personalities who won the Nobel Peace Prize.
With this space, the theme of the abolition of nuclear weapons is now present in connection with the approach of our association presented on the explanatory panel of this space (in French and English).
In the coming months we plan to organise activities on the site with schools and probably the secondary school of Cordes-sur-Ciel in collaboration with Catherine Manuel, elected representative of Cordes-sur-Ciel, a member of Mayors for Peace, which is only a few kilometres from the commune where Didier Perhuison’s garden is located (Livers-Cazelles).