Meeting in Hiroshima

On November 18, with the precious help of Michel and Miho CIBOT, Jean-Jacques and Marie-France SIRY, members of the board of the “Sentinels of Peace” Association, were received at the Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation by Yoko MIYAMOTO, director of the Foundation’s secretariat, and Tomiro HIGAKI, director of the International Department for the Promotion of Peace of the city of Hiroshima, accompanied by several of their collaborators.
The main objective of this meeting was the delivery of a painting produced and offered by Didier Perthuison, artist in Livers-Cazelles in the Tarn (France) and member of our association.

This work had been created for the exhibition « Artists for Peace » organised in the town of Moissac on the occasion of the inauguration of the Sentinels of Peace garden.
It is now on display at the International Conference Centre of the city of Hiroshima.

During this meeting, we were also able to present the project of our association and our various actions and achievements. The exchanges were very interesting and facilitated by the presence of a member of the foundation who spoke French and served as an intermediary.
Our association will continue through its interventions its involvement in the fight for the abolition of nuclear weapons and a lasting peace.