We are ...

an association under the "1901 Law",

created in 2013 and based in Tarn et Garonne (Occitania). Our association is recognised as being of public utility. Like any Association, it is composed of a Board, an Executive Committee and of course members of the Association. Our objectives and goals are described in the « Charter » of the Association which you will find below.

The members of the board

Alain Mila, Co-Président
Jean-Jacques Siry, Co-Président
Nicole Chabbert, Treasurer
René Zoute, Secretary
Michel Facon

Our charter

Our association « Sentinels of Peace – A Stone laid is not Thrown », which has an international vocation, does not support any lucrative, political or religious aims. Its aim is the development and promotion of an artistic and civic movement in favour of PEACE. The ‘Land Art’ approach, initiated by the visual artist Alain Mila, « A stone laid is not thrown down » is the symbolic expression of this approach. This action consists in building « Sentinels », columns of stone in balance, ephemeral and fragile achievements as are the essential values of life, and especially peace…

Our aims :

  • To gather together, throughout the world, all those who wish to signify that they are the defenders, the guardians, we can say here « the Sentinels » of peace.
  • Erect « Sentinels », symbolic gesture of peace, all over the world and publish their photos on the website https://sentinellesdelapaix.com/en/ and other media.
  • Develop the « Culture of Peace » in educational institutions with reference to United Nations resolutions (REF: A/RES/52/13 and A/53/243).
  • Promote the actions of the French Association of Municipalities, Departments and Regions for Peace (AFCDRP – French branch of « Mayors for peace ») to achieve a world without nuclear weapons and sustainable world peace.
  • Encourage municipalities to set up « Peace Gardens » with a Sentinel Area, where visitors can, by erecting  a Sentinel or putting back up a fallen Sentinel, testify to their commitment to Peace.
  • Provide educational support to schools and extracurricular activities on the themes of Peace, the need to protect the environment and the abolition of nuclear weapons.
  • To organise artistic activities (plastic and other), in connection with the project, for all kinds of audiences and recipients.
    Organise exhibitions of artists’ works on the theme of peace.
  • To support similar external actions, within our means.

Our means of action include regular or exceptional activities and the provision of tools and materials as well as all initiatives that can help achieve the association’s purpose.