Our purpose

is first and foremost the organisation of peace education activities.

Our approach is based, but not exclusively, on the elevation of « Sentinels », stone columns in balance, a symbolic gesture of peace. This act draws its sources from the Land Art approach and comes under the notion of « Artistic Performance ».

By a simple gesture, that of placing stones instead of throwing them, we transmit a peace process, an idea. This experimentation opens up new fields of research and commitment.

Building a « Sentinel » is not insignificant, processes of change and awareness are taking place among the participants. Every elevation is symbolically an elevation of the spirit.

The « Sentinels » are ephemeral and it is this fragility that gives them all their power… made permanent by photography!

Today it has been shown that the increase in human sensitivity has an impact on the decrease in violence and on the increase in the feeling of feeling good with oneself and therefore with others. The performance work and its effects are inscribed in time and not in matter.

Achievable actions

  • Sentinel elevations with young people or adults, artistic « performances » by the participants who will have been presented beforehand with the meaning of the approach or achievements taking place within a wider peace education project.
  • Interventions in schools in conjunction with educational teams (schools, colleges, high schools, etc.). .
  • Lectures followed by debates with the public, exhibitions of visual artists on the theme of peace, possibly complemented at openings with performances by musicians, singers, dancers, etc.
  • The « Sentinel Game » (mini garden) is a solution for young and old alike, and can be used indoors or in smaller spaces.