The Association « Sentinels of Peace – a stone laid is not thrown », like any other association, functions primarily through the membership fees of its members. You can therefore help us to develop this message of peace by joining us. By doing so, you are committing yourself to promoting the message of the association and its values as presented in the Charter.

The membership fee, set annually by the General Assembly of the Association is currently 10 €. You can also make an additional payment as a benefactor member.

To join us, you can send us an email with your name, surname and contact details as well as your reasons for wanting to join our association. Once we have validated your request, you will be able to pay the membership fee via the association’s PayPal account at [].

Support us

Donations and sponsorship

Manual donations are understood to mean any sum of money (regardless of the amount or method of payment, e.g. cheque or transfer) and/or any piece of furniture whose transfer of ownership does not require a notarial deed (unlike what would be the case for real estate, a business, a legacy, etc.). Any declared and published association can receive manual donations without any special authorisation (unlike donations and legacies which can only be received by associations with « great legal capacity » such as Associations Recognised as being of Public Utility).

However, only some of them can benefit from the patronage regime and enjoy tax advantages. Only payments made with a liberal intention, i.e. without any direct or indirect consideration for the benefit of the author, are eligible for tax benefits (this is what distinguishes sponsorship from patronage or sponsoring, which is part of a commercial and image approach; in practice, the distinction is not always easy to make).