Your pictures

of "Sentinels of Peace"

You will now discover a selection of photos of Sentinels that have been sent to us from all over the world. The photos we receive are the work of individuals, artists, activists and also members of our association, but for us the most important thing is the message of Peace that each photo conveys. And in this sense, all these photos are of equal value to us. In this selection of Sentinels’ photos, we have given priority to photos of private individuals, those that are fully in line with the « Sentinels of Peace » approach that we have presented to you.

Nevertheless, so as not to overshadow the « artistic » approach of the Sentinels and its « land art » origin initiated by Alain Mila, you can also consult other photos on the association’s Facebook page or on Alain Mila’s website.

You too can participate and send us your photos. You can also, as it is a project under construction, send us an accompanying message, a poem or a drawing with your photos and children’s drawings and messages would be particularly welcome. We will soon consider creating a news page of these messages.

And now it's time for your photos